There was a time when people believed in ghosts, werewolves and witches. There was a time when people were haunted by spirits. Nowadays most (but not all!) of us are aware that witches and ghosts don’t exist, but still some legends live on. Even today, Benevento, Italy is called the ”city of witches” (città delle streghe).  In 1860 this legend inspired Giuseppe Alberti when he created a new liqueur and Liquore Strega was born.


A vintage ad for Liquore Strega | "A ray of sunshine becomes a liqueur"


Today, Liquore Strega is appreciated for its versatility, as it is suitable to every occasion. Liquor Strega can be savoured neat on the rocks, on fruit, or on other desserts. It is also the main ingredient of many famous and refined cocktails. In the 1940s film “Kitty Foyle” Liquore Strega is described as an Italian spirit that should be enjoyed after a romantic meal. It is said that, when it comes to a love, “Once you drink Strega together you will never drink it apart.” In this way Liquore Strega has become part of yet another legend.


An Art Nouveau style Liquore Strega ad

Liquore Strega, an herbal Italian Liqueur


What makes Strega truly successful is the way that over time it has remained true to its traditions and the master recipe even as it has grown through technology.  The factory is still in the hands of the Alberti family, which remains passionate about their craft, and the drink remains closely linked to excellence in Italian culture thanks to Guido Alberti’s creation of the Premio Strega, an award which continues to be Italy’s most prestigious literary prize. Even though Liquore Strega is now for sale in more than fifty countries across the globe it remains distinctly Italian.


The result of the judges' decisions for the Premio Strega Literary Prize in 1955 (Comisso won)


The recipe for Liquore Strega is a mix of seventy herbs and spices including mint, fennel, juniper and saffron. Saffron is the key to Strega’s signature yellow color, while the mint and juniper are the most dominant aromas in the blended liqueur. The combination of these natural ingredients reminds me of a witch’s potion, albeit a very delicious one. So pour yourself a glass of Strega and enjoy these frosty post-Halloween nights by the yellow glow a true Italian witch’s blend!


Liquore Strega is the perfect after-dinner drink for men in this vintage advertisement


Liquore Strega goes global as its 150th birthday is celebrated in New York City

Liquore Strega goes global as its 150th birthday is celebrated in New York City