The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Fortunately my friend Livia came to visit from Rome, or else I would have invented so many excuses to not go to LACMA. Each time I end up there I leave with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment and never regret having gone!



In the elevator at LACMA


I saw the Caravaggio and his legacy show which was amazing and moving, especially because Caravaggio is so close to R(home).


Bartolomeo Manfredi

Bartolomeo Manfredi from the school of Caravaggio


But mainly I was moved by the modern art. Below are the three works that impressed me the most.

Right at the entrance of Caravaggio I loved Walter de Marias’ minimalist horizontal sculptures. The current display is the first official public exhibition of his “The 2000 Sculpture” at LACMA, and only the second solo museum exhibit of De Maria’s work in the United States.


Walter de Maria

Walter De Maria


Then there is Michael Heizer’s ambitious large scale project.  ”Actual Size” is a series of fifteen individual photographic prints from 1970 showing monolithic rocks to scale. “We live in a world that’s technological and primordial simultaneously,” Heizer has said. “The idea is to make art that reflects this premise.”


Michael Heizer

Michael Heizer


I was also Impressed by Bruce Nauman’s “For Beginners (all the combinations of the thumb and fingers),” Livia and I really enjoyed taking a bunch of pics in front of the big installation.


Bruce Nauman

Livia and I in front of Bruce Nauman’s installation


Go to LACMA now! Most of these modern works are ongoing, but unfortunately Caravaggio and his legacy are over (at LACMA – elsewhere the great artist lives on)!