luppi rome project

Finally "Rome" is coming

5 years.

Multiple trips to Rome

Elderly session musicians.

A photoshoot in the California desert.

When Daniele Luppi, a composer and arranger born and raised in Rome, moved to LA he noticed an impressive collection of vintage Italian soundtracks in the home of a fellow musician.

The musician was Danger Mouse (Brian Burton), a Grammy-award winning songwriter and producer known for his experimental work with artists like Cee-Lo Green and David Lynch.  Burton and Luppi’s friendship grew around a shared passion for the sound and visuals of 1960s/1970s Spaghetti Western films.  This passion developed into the major collaborative project “Rome” which took 5 years to complete and was released this month.

In their first trips to Rome, the duo drove around in a rented van searching for vintage instruments that would allow them to create their own version of the sound defined by Ennio Morricone in films such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

In addition to renting a Roman recording studio originally founded by Morricone and using vintage equipment, Buton and Luppi reunited many of the Italian session musicians, most now in their 70s and 80s, who originally created the spaghetti western sound.

luppi rome actors

The actors

Despite avoiding 21st century technology the album has a distinctly modern feel.  Featuring major artists Jack White and Norah Jones, the tracks offer a both surreal and lyrical journey through an Italian-built American West.

Speaking with Luppi said “I don’t think there is a narrative to the record, but there is a feel – it is about love, death, happiness – the visceral connection of man and women. It’s a dark vibe, melancholic, a little foggy.”

The black and white trailer for the album, composed of mirage-like shots of the musicians against a desert landscape, renders the vintage-modern fusion.

Listen to a song from Rome and watch the trailer below: