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When looking for a new pair of shoes, way too often we end up going for the trend of the moment. The one that is on display in every single window and on the feet of every single person walking down the street. Is it because we are too lazy to look for something more original? Well, when Volta was launched back in 2007, the aim of the four young founders was to go beyond trends to meet people’s style, originality, comfort and quality needs.  This season Volta’s Blue Jacquard Madeshi Boot is the perfect example of how they’ve succeeded in turning classic shoe silhouettes into options that will pull you out of a boring style routine.

The inspiration for the Blue Jacquard Madeshi Boot comes from one of the most antique textile traditions in Italy. The word “Jacquard” is a technical name used to indicate the method employed in the weaving of a patterned fabric. It’s the boot’s textured blue weave, combined with its high quality tan Italian leather that makes the Madeshi so striking.  It also boasts a graphic zigzag sole made from Gumline, a premium kind of rubber from Vibram.  So buck the trend this winter with a high-quality and resistant boot that’s not only well designed, but also made according to the best Italian traditions.

$ 445.00 | Want it? Grab it!


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Blue Jacquard Madeshi Boot


Blue Jacquart Madeshi Boot

Blue Jacquard Madeshi Boot with Vibram Gumline soles