The colorfull paradise tree

Paradise Tree

Once again Magis surprised everyone. With his collection children collection Me Too the Italian design company put itself in an almost empty market. The idea behind Me Too is children’ furniture, that are easy to use and fun at the same time, giving space to the creativity of the kids. The great coat rack Paradise Tree full of color and shapes will make the event of hanging coats and others a game for the child. Also the moms will not have to pick the clothes from the floor every time. The coat stand measures almost two meters, and every branch has a different shape to make the experience always a play.

$ 756.00 | Want it? Grab it!

coat rack | Magis' collection me too

Paradise Tree | Me Too Collection

paradise tree

Stand of Magis Me Too

Magis' Collection Me Too Stand

coat rack's details

Coat Rack's details