We POP in with Marco Santaniello for an interview

Arist, designer, painter, the best way to decribe Marco Santaniello is probably: creative globetrotter. His masterpiece? The T skirt! His signature? His POP rainbow wall! After Italy it was time for New York and now it’s time for Tokyo. Seems that his Pop Potraits are loved worldwide!


Marco Santaniello wearing his Tshirt and tskirt

Marco Santaniello wearing his Tshirt snd Tskirt


What inspired you to create the T-skirt?

I was simply half naked and the delivery guy was bringing me a pizza, but he came early so I wasn’t ready. I saw a T-shirt on the floor I put it upside down like a pair of trousers, I looked at the mirror and I thought : that’s dope! So I patented it with the name T-Skirt on January 2007.


Gundam Odaiba Pop artwork by Marco Santaniello

Gundam Odaiba | Tokyo Pop artwork 2012 by Marco Santaniello


Let’s talk about your unconventional catwalks. How do you organize them?

I’m Italian so I do know what it means for  a country to not support young creative people. So, I had to find a way to show my stuff and I always say, if someone doesn’t give you space just take it. So everywhere is good place to show something, make a video and put it on the internet.

I mainly ask the contacts that I have all over the world, especially fashion bloggers, and everyone is always so happy to help me because it’s a really fun and unusual situation to experience. I think I’ll do the next one in Times Square within this year. I’ve been also invited again to take part in the next Williamsburg Fashion Weekend in September (I already did one in February).  

What was the starting point for your POP Potraits?

I started to make graphic pop art in January 2010 with pop portraits of fashion bloggers. They were putting it on their blogs or Facebook pages and I started to get known easily. After only 4 months I was contacted by  Fashion.com and I was the Spotlight Artist in April 2010. It’s kinda a dream. I think my rainbow wall is becoming super known in the pop art field. So simple but so colorful and so unique in every portrait, I always change it as I just follow my instinct at that moment.


Jeremy Scott pop potrait

Jeremy Scott pop potrait


I’ve had exhibits in Milan, Cremona, Montreal and I took part in a collective of artists during New York’s Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in a gallery in Chelsea, Manhattan and now I’m trying to set up my first Solo Exhibition in Manhattan, probably around December.

I’m still doing a lot of pop portraits and I’ve gotten feedback on them from incredible people like David Lachapelle, Daphne Guinness, Betsey Johnson, Viktor and Rolf, Amanda Lepore, Jeremy Scott, the Puppini Sisters and many many other characters in the fashion, art and music fields, but I also make graphic popart based on street scenes that start from pictures I take during my all- over-the-world trips and I make graphics that are against the corporate lobbies (I believe in the conspiracy theory). I sell limited edition canvas, posters, stickerz and mugs.


Nicola Formichetti pop potrait

Nicola Formichetti | Pop portrait by Marco Santaniello


What do you need to have when you’re traveling in order to feel at home no matter where you are?

I consider myself a sort of globe trotter because I really love to discover and mix up with other cultures and I am a very curious person, so everywhere I go I make my own home, but the only thing  I really need in my life is love. I’m living between Tokyo, New York and Cosenza (my hometown). After 1 year in London and 3 in Milan I’m finally finding my way.


Trust Me by Marco Santaniello

Trust me | Pop painting by Marco Santaniello