Beer glasses by Acquacalda

Mediumsmall Beer Glass by Aquacalda


If you were one of those kids who always disliked geometry, Italian design company Aquacalda is giving you the opportunity to drink up some new love for the subject thanks to their Mediumsmall Beer Glass.  Their amazing design plays on the relationship between the shape and volume of the cone versus the cylinder.

As a result, the glass works 2 ways: the cone offers 11 oz. (33 cl) of beer-holding capacity, but flip the glass over so that the tip of the cone is pointed up and the glass now holds  22 oz. (66 cl) of beer. Too complicated? No worries, after a few sips from this glass everything will become much clearer!

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66 cl internal capacity of Mediumsmall

Mediumsmall Beer Glass by Aquacalda