MegaPhone Amplifier | En&Is


Ok, I need an amplifier for my iPod. Well, for my brand new iPhone 4s. I really don’t like complicated stuff,  high-end useless technology. I don’t need a waterproof amplifier. Even if my amplifier is safely on a dry shelf while I’m in the shower, I can still hear my favorite music.  In other words, I don’t need it in the water with me; I mean, I’m not deaf. But I love design, I love everything that is both simple and refined and I love finding something so unusual and special that no one else can have it …

If you feel the same way I do then MegaPhone is designed for you. It’s an amplifier AND a simply stunning ceramic wonder: a shell that will naturally boost the volume your favorite tunes – no electrical outlet necessary.  With a ceramic body, available in white, black and gold, and a wooden stand, the MegaPhone works like a gramophone but is built for an iAge.

Want it? Grab it!

In white

The white version of the MegaPhone fits any interior


In black

The MegaPhone in its black suit


In gold

MegaPhone in gold: for extravagant personalities