Melodies for Today and Tomorrow | Hiromi Kanda

Hiromi in Love was Hiromi Kanda’s first album backed by the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra that left us all wanting more. The second album Days of Yesterday has finally arrive with more timeless hits from the Great American Song book along with the added bonus of her own originals. Blessed with a full 50-piece orchestra, Joe Sample (founding member of the Crusaders), Al Schmitt (Grammy-winning producer/engineer), Matt Catingub (conductor, composer and multi-instrumentalist) and produced by Yusuke at the legendary Capitol Studios the sound is unbelievable. An epic collaboration with legends of the music industry whose very infulence inspired her as a child. Hiromi Kanda was born in Nagasaki, Japan but always dreamed of becoming an American singer. Curious as to how that all came to be there were some questions Ganzo just had to ask:


hiromi kanda  b&w


R:      I received your album. It is fantastic. I want to know from you, where did you grow up and how did you start singing?

H:      I always wanted to become a singer, an American signer.  I started singing at age three. I became a singer in Japan when I won a TV audition there similar to American Idol. At age nineteen I started my professional singing career in Japan but stopped shortly after and changed my job. I became a song writer and wrote many lyrics for Japanese artists.


hiromi kanda in concert


R:      Why did you stop singing so soon after the competition?

H:      I really wanted to write my own songs and focus on the music aspect. They    were trying to create me into a sexy pop icon so I decided to follow what I wanted instead. My debut single had nice lyrics, good melody and it was a smash hit in Japan’s music scene. I was a conservative girl and a good singer. But they wanted to change me into becoming like “Britney Spears,” by making me sexier and dancing. But I was not a good dancer! And this  wasn’t the direction I wanted to head in. I wanted to make lyrics for my albums and I needed time to  mature in my art and music. Last year my first album Hiro in Love was released featuring the Honolulu symphony orchestra. Last year I also recorded my second album in Capitol Studio. I recorded with huge Grammy winner Al Schmitt and very talented composer Matt Catingub. Joe Sample was my guest player on the piano and fifty …. In    LA. And I recorded my second album Days of Yesterday.

R:      Both albums have many hits originally written in the late 30s throughout the 60s. How come you fell in love with this kind of genera?  Frank Sinatra is a big influence on your albums and please tell me why you love Frank so much.

H:      I love American songs, particularly jazz songs.  I love Frank Sinatra because he is special; he’s got a special voice and great music. He is my favorite artist and the music is genius. I especially love his work with Cole Porter. I also like a diverse group of American music. I like ZZ Top, The Doobie Brothers, Mariah Carey….

Hiromi Kanda Live

Hiromi Kanda

R:      Where do you live right now? And what do you do that is Italian while you are in Hawaii? We are known for our passion, our fashion and our food. What do you do when you’re in Hawaii if you want to incorporate the Italian lifestyle?

H:      I live in Hawaii, Honolulu. Because ten years ago my husband and I built a home in Honolulu. We traveled everywhere, Italy or England or anywhere and we found a nice place for live, Hawaii because Hawaii is beautiful weather. Fabrizio Medosi is an Italian architect who did the design for  our house. My style is like- I want Italian. I love Frank Sinatra, Marcello Mastroianni, Missoni, D & G, Sandro Botticelli and Italian food!! I have visited Firenze and Milan and the food is amazing. I cook everyday like a simple Italian. I love spaghetti with a simple tomato sauce. My husband loves raviolis especially the ones from Il Pastaio in LA!


Hawaii home of Hiromi Kanda

Hawaii house

R:      Will you be coming to LA soon and what is your schdule like for promoting the new album?

H:      I have a schedule for radio and book interview. I have a schedule in Honolulu of haikulani hotel. The most famous and beautiful hotel in Hawaii. I have live show on December 12th. Next year I have a schedule in Catalina island. And then do you know Frank’s birthday is December 12, I have a live show in Honolulu December 12, amazing. I am going to sing a Christmas song, one of my original songs and a Happy Birthday song for Frank.

R: Thank you so much for the interview and we all eagerly await for your performance on Catalina Island.