Metropolitan bicycle | Carbon Shiny | Rizoma

100% Made in Italy Metropolitan Bicycle | Rizoma


In my opinion, Queen’s “Don’t stop me now” is not only a great tune, but also a song that perfectly captures the feeling you get when you climb on the Metropolitan Bike by Rizoma.  Made in Italy, the Metropolitan Bike has a monobloc carbon frame that combines elegance and sporty aggressiveness into an amazing design that makes you want to ride without stopping.

The combination of carbon and aluminum materials means that the Metropolitan is very light given  its strength and resistance. Available in both white matte and shiny carbon color schemes, the bike boasts a pure design with clean lines that makes it incredibly aerodynamic. The best part is that you can choose whether you want the Metropolitan to be a single-speed or fixed-gear ride thanks to two different mountable pulleys. So hop on, choose your style, set your iPod to Queen and no one can stop you!

$ 3,700.00  | Want it? Grab it!

Metropolitan bicycle | Carbon Shiny | Rizoma

Italian Metropolitan Bicycle in Carbon Shiny | Rizoma


Handlebars of the Metropolitan Bicycle | Rizoma


Grease and oil-free drive belt of the Metropolitan | Rizoma