Microbombata Red Model by Bombata

Red Microbombata by Bombata


Now more then ever, we can do anything just by pressing a key on our laptop or selecting an app on our mobile device. It goes without saying that if technology rules the world, then we have to find a way to bring technology with us pretty much anywhere.  That’s why I love Bombata bags.  Colorful, fun and designed in Italy, they’re the perfect way to grab what you need and get going!

One of our favorites is the Microbombata.  The perfect size for an ipad, the Microbombata also has several pockets to sweep up documents scattered around the office or tuck in a mobile keyboard.  Racing red is a great shade, but it also comes in a variety of other colors. The shoulder strap is great if your running through the airport, grabbing an espresso or just scrolling through Facebook status updates.  The best part about the Bombata bag collection?   Enter the code GANZO20 when you shop using the Grab it! link and you can own this designed in Italy original at a 20% discount!

$ 45.00 – 98.00 | 20% off with code GANZO20 | Want it? Grab It!


Light Blue model

Light Blue angle


Microbombata collection by Bombata

Yellow Microbombata model