Mihara is one of the most interesting designers from Japan at the moment. He makes Men’s and Women’s pieces that are extremely powerful. Yasuhiro didn’t present his Spring / Summer 12 collection on the runway, but instead held a showroom presentation. The money he saved was donated to charities supporting those directly affected by the tsunami in Japan.




The details on these shoes are very interesting. Maybe too bulky for me, but I can still appreciate this design.


Mihara's shoe


Shoe by Mihara


He’s known for his signature style of monochromatic urban clothing. Look at the details on these two Men’s jackets for his Fall/Winter 2012 collection available in stores now.


Mihara jacket

Jacket by Mihara


These Men’s shoes make a clear statement and a pretty big dent in your bank account at 1,100$. Yasuhiro’s sporty, avant-garde aesthetic has propelled his company into becoming a global success.


Mens shoes


Though it may take you sometime to spell his name right, you can’t miss Mihara.  Here is his logo…