Interview with Miryaki

Two young and attractive students of the opposite sex meet each other while working at a night club in Milan.  What happens next?  The easy answer, the one we would see in the movies, would simply be a one-night stand. What if we were to jump forward in time and I showed you the same attractive duo talking with a team of Sicilian tailors…is this the lead-up to a traditional Italian wedding scene?  NO!  During those long club nights the two young students, Mia Vilardo and Riccardo Polidoro, developed more than a friendship, they began to talk about future plans for a fashion line.  These plans were realized in 2009 with Miryaki.

Now an award-winning brand, Miryaki uses Italian handmade quality to produce surprising collections that have gained attention for their blend of two very different creative spirits.  Mia, from Sicily  and Riccardo, from the Veneto, come from opposite ends of Italy, have different favorite designers .  When we were in touch with Mia and Riccardo, we tried to found out how their two different approaches to the world have developed into a beautiful line of clothing that manages to be both ethereal and edgy.



Italian handmade by Miryaki


Do you think your past experiences – in school, travel and work – can be seen in your design aesthetic?

Each experience from the past is useful to build at the best someone’s future, either professionally or not.
We collected much different experiences and you can absolutely perceive it in our collections.
Riccardo is eccentric, adores to exaggerate, surprise, play, but on the other hand fears to risk and never challenges himself.
Mia is purist, adores the essence of elegance, clean elements, simple but of impact. Unlike Riccardo, she learnt to challenge herself in any way.
This diversity is at the core of our work, our clothing line is absolutely based on the contrast between excess and simplicity.



Mia Vilardo and Riccardo Polidoro


What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of being identified as Italian (as opposed to French, Dutch etc…) designers?

Nowadays, being Italian has more disadvantages then advantages. Unfortunately, we are living a very tough moment and our country is affected in many ways.
At least, we are lucky to have a quite relevant history and style-wise we have always been forerunners, hoping that that will help us bring Italy back on top.
What we are noticing among Italian designers is that they are forcing avant-garde into their styles, but at our advice the result is often the bad imitation of something else.
Luckily, there are young designers that are working on tradition and rethinking it with innovation, adapting it to the exigencies of our society.
Advantages and disadvantages of Italian designers lie in the Italian spirit: too bound to the big brands that don’t allow us to grow, but advantaged by the name of a country that still succeeds in putting on the market products of excellent quality.
italian handmade blue and black dress

Miryaki 2012 collection


In terms of how you dress, what has been the worst fashion mistake you have ever made?

Mia: I decide what to wear depending on my mood, absolutely never for the occasion, just what reflects me the most. Of course, there are few things that I could never give up, like high-heeled shoes. Every time I wear them I feel more confident about myself… Whenever I don’t feel too good I make the worst fashion mistakes, but just because I stop taking care of myself and consequently I trivialize my outfits; Thankfully, this never happened at work, even though I must admit that if we had had the finances we would probably dare a bit more.

Riccardo: I chose what to wear based on the temperature, I always pick the right garments depending on the weather. The worst fashion mistake i can make is to chose the comfort of a sweater over a shirt. In our collections, unfortunately, we had to limit our creativity because of the cost of the materials, even though sometimes it’s necessary.


handmade bag

Miryaki 2012 detail


When you win an award how do the two of you celebrate?

First thing we do, instinctively, is to hug, kiss and congratulate one another for what we have been able to achieve. Riccardo often says: “good job, honey”, while I’m a person of few words, I can hardly show my emotions while it’s happening. Once I have realize it, we share the joy and throw parties with our Team and all of the people that surround us, it’s also because of them if Miryaki keeps on growing day by day.


Polidoro Riccardo child

The beginning: Riccardo Polidoro


The beginning: Mia Vilardo

black dress

2012 collection