Ohhh yes, we all love concept stores. In the late 1990s some European retail traders developed the idea of tailoring a shop towards a lifestyle theme, in the form of the concept store which specialised in cross-selling without using separate departments. One of the first concept stores was 10 Corso Como in Milan, Italy. Soon after, several well-known American chains adopted the trend.


10 Corso Como Milan


That brings us to Bo Carney who developed the idea for her amazing Silverlake boutique Mohawk General Store.


Mohawk General Store

Mohawk General Store

Bo Carney Owner of Mohawk General Store

Bo Carney | Owner of Mohawk General Store


It’s considered a cool spot for shoppers in East LA. It collects amazing brands, including some of Bo’s current favorites such as  A Detacher and Electric Feather.


A detacher | Spring / Summer Collection 2012


What she loves about Silverlake is that its laid-back, then she giggles “..you know..normal!” And for L.A. normal means a lot doesn’t it…


Customers shopping at Mohawk General store

Customers shopping at Mohawk General store


I met Bo a long time ago when I was working at Scatola Showroom, and I always run into her at trade shows or at airports when flying a red-eye. I can’t say she’s a friend, but I can tell she is special and she has a good vibe. Bo makes you feel comfortable. Of Korean nationality, she prefers Brooklyn to Manhattan, wine to beer, dogs to cats and if she could choose her ideal dog, it would be a mutt. Now that dog is a cutie!



See the dog in Bo's store?


Come by Mohawk General Store sometime, it’s right on Sunset Blvd. You’ll find Mens and Womans clothes and a bunch of cool furniture, objects, candles and more. I strongly reccomend it!


Mohawk store from afar

A view of Mohawk General Store from across Sunset