Espresso has become incredibly popular around the world (just check out our story on Italian style coffee in China), but now it’s the turn of that humble little pot that no Italian home can do without – the moka.

Yes, the moka might be unassuming, but watch out!  We’ve started to notice that this little part of our morning ritual has gone beyond Bialetti to infiltrate contemporary art, design and fashion produced outside of Italy.  Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush that comes from the caffeine, or maybe its the classic hourglass shape, but either way the moka has gone from instrument to inspiration in an international coffee craze.

Just take a look…



Break the Label | Tattoo Vida Moka T-shirt


Percolator Pendant

Fix Studio | Percolator Pendant

Fix Studio


Sandra Juto Moka Print

Sandra Juto | Moka Print


Mengsel Design Mini-Moka Print

Mengsel Design | Mini Moka Screenprint



Espresso Lamp

Espresso Lamp | Piers Mansfield Scaddan

Piers Mansfield Scaddan