SOL Rocking Chair | Constance Guisset x Molteni & C


Rocking chairs are usually furniture for grandmothers, people recovering from a flu, readers deeply absorbed in a book on a cold winter day or southern ladies sipping iced tea on a summer afternoon.  In other words, rocking chairs normally don’t make me think of contemporary Italian design and a chic apartment in Milan.  That’s why it’s great that the Italian design company Molteni & C is defying my expectations with the SOL rocking chair by Constance Guisset.

The SOL is not just a modern rocking chair, it’s a beautiful one too.  Combining a structured form with gracefully delicate lines the chair’s asymmetrical curves place it in perfect balance. This month the SOL rocking chair will be on display with the Mo lamp as part of an installation by Guisset and Molteni & C at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair.

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SOL Rocking Chair | Designed by Constance Guisset


SOL Rocking Chair | Molteni & C