Our new featured artist is a multi-talented one! His name is Benjamin Alejandro and he is becoming well known in L.A. thanks  in part to his art in the streets.


Benjamin Alejandro's Mona Lisa


Alejandro’s talents were on display at our first party in our new office space in Downtown LA 2Edgy where he surprised our guests  with an amazing  live painting session.


Benjamin at work at 2edgy

Benjamin Alejandro

Benjamin Alejandro


So Alejandro tell me more about yourself, Why are you obsessed with the Mona Lisa?

I’ve been doing art and graffiti for several years now. We’re currently experiencing a new wave of art here in Los Angeles that is image-based and involved printed art. Computers have a big role in it. It is very common for an artist to have a certain image or icon as a moniker.

Now that I remember, I actually made 14 mona lisas in a silkscreen process for an exhibit I had in Burbank, California. I wheatpasted several of my Mona Lisas around town to market my new paintings. They didn’t completely sell them all and I kept on putting that image out onto the streets. I still, to this date, have a few of them in my dining room at home. Yet that collection is no longer on the market.


The Mona Lisa series


Why do you make Art? What is your main source of inspiration?

Just recently I read something by John Lennon that said (this is my own interpretation of his statement): perhaps we are here to live a happy life, but maybe we’ve got it all wrong and continue to pursue unworthy goals or ideas or items, you know, stuff.

It’s really rare that one finds a calling in life.  I feel I’m fortunate to have found my calling.  I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams.

I really dig into inspiration daily to keep myself motivated by the bigger picture. As an artist it may be really easy to give up and not follow through. Someone once told me, “I find my inspiration every day at 8 AM Monday to Friday. There’s truth to that.


Benjamin's work in Hollywood

Benjamin's street art


is this illegal? street art videoclip

So, Benjamin … Did you know that italians are really addicted to gelato? I know that you made a special bamboo frozen yogurt print for IKEA, is it good ?

Yes, I recently printed a small batch of limited edition IKEA Frozen Yogurt giclee prints on bamboo paper. I wish more people had business models like IKEA. I think it was Andy who stated, “good business is the best art.”  I could talk about the Frozen Yogurt Paintings for hours,  but if I had to sum them up in a couple of words I would say: enjoy life!


Ikea Frozen Yogurt by Benjamin Alejandro