RICO/AZR T-shirt | Monoty


Refresh  your hottest summer days with a blast of irony and creativity!  For its Spring and Summer 2012 collection, the Italian  streetwear brand Monoty Clothing designed a set of irresistible t-shirts featuring simple graphics and catchy phrases.

The entire collection expresses Italian streetwear style through the combination of just a few shapes and colors. It owes its originality to the good taste and the creative humor of its young designers, who are closely involved in the electro music scene and give the brand a fresh and thrilling print.

Monoty offers stylish, cheap, funny and most of all high quality products thanks to a 100% made in Italy manufacturing. What more could you want from a fun summer T-shirt?

€ 24.50 | Want it? Grab it!


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MONOTY Shooting SS 2012