Moto Guzzi: our restoration begins!

It was an old Moto Guzzi, owned by the police first, and then destroyed in an accident by its second owner (Antonio Coco). When I saw that piece of junk, a spark lit up my brain. An idea, a project to develop, suddenly appeared. It must be mine, I thought, I want to bring it back to life. I got a great deal: just two hundred and fifty bucks for something that – trust me – will be worth twenty times more! So I called my neighbor Jeff (he has a touch for motorbikes) and we decided to begin the restoration.



Now, it may seem easy to restore a motorbike – take the pieces off, fix whats wrong, color the pieces, mount the pieces -but I can assure you that it’s not. Just figuring out HOW to take one piece off is, to me, a real concern. Fortunately, Jeff is so good that he could do both the job and teach me how to do it.  The first, intense, Sunday afternoon of work – well… I mean, work, but also chatting, drinking a couple of beers, enjoying the company –  had been nothing more than gettin’ my beloved piece of junk naked.


vladi jeff moto guzzi restore

The magic begins


moto guzzi cafe racer restore

Jeff and I working on the moto


While working, Jeff told me about his new guitar – he is a great musician – and that he learned how to fix bikes by himself. It may sound weird, he said, but whenever you are in trouble with your bike, you just learn how to deal with it. It comes natural. Ok, he has bikes in his blood (started riding motocross when he was just 12), and I think I will never be so skilled as he his. So damn hard!


cafe racer restore

My Guzzi getting naked for me


jeff guzzi restore

What's inside the exhaust pipe?


moto guzzi restore cafe racer

Jeff teaching me how to deal with bikes



cafe racer guzzi restore

No keel, no pipes, no wires, no seats ...


jeff moto guzzi restore

What's wrong with the steering bar? EVERYTHING. That's what Jeff said

naked guzzi front

First day off: front side of my Cafe Racer wanna be


The magic continues through the next weeks…. Stick with us!


Thank you Stefano Di Biase fot the photos!