Multichair | Joe Colombo x B Line


What makes the Multichair designed by Joe Colombo and produced by B-Line Italia such a unique piece that it is part of the permanent collection of not just one, but two of New York’s top museums? Probably because it shows all the characteristics that have made Italian design so famous: versatility, simplicity and creativity. As the perfect example of how design is an artform, the multichair has earned its place in the collections of  NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art.

The two cushions, each covered in a hand-sewn elasticized wool fabric, can be arranged in any number of ways. Light and easy to move, the cushions are held together by two leather straps and can be used separately or together. As a chair, chaise, cushion or lounger, this multiform piece of furniture really is an icon of Italian ease.

$ 1,760.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Multichair in red | Joe Colombo


Multichair in black

Blu Multichair | B-line

Detail of blue Multichair

Multichair in blue

Multichair | Joe Colombo x B Line