Murana By Fabio Novembre

Murana by Fabio Novembre


With an enigmatic expression and androgynous features the profile of Fabio Novembre’s latest project called Murana for glass-maker Venini offers a fascinating, but coy vision of beauty.

Fabio Novembre took his inspiration for the project from the Carnival in Venice and its world-famous masks.The Italian designer has reinterpreted this tradition in hand-blown glass.  Conceptually the work is “a volume to wear for filtering reality through the glass of its surfaces, a face without sexual or racial connotations able to represent every kind of humanity, a soul for an object that could be casually perceived as a vase

Murana will debut at the upcoming design show Salone dei mobili 2012 in Milan.  It will be available in two colors: straw and wisteria.

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Murana collection

Murana Collection