Murr bag leghilà

MURR-BAG Gialla | Leghilà


It’s perfect that these bags have a heart attached to them because it really is impossible not to love these colorful bags by Leghilà. The Murrs, an eclectic and glamorous couple in the fashion industry (and in real life),  fell in love at first sight and they decided to design a special bag together.

This super fashionable couple consider their bag to provide an indispensable touch of color and and burst of energy.  Leghilà bags are made entirely in easy to wash neoprene and available in 72 different shocking color combinations.  According to the designers you can wear them with any outfit and are especially appropriate for adding a touch of color to winter outfits.

Power to the color of love!

$ 450.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


Leghilà Murr arancio

MURR-BAG Arancio | Leghilà

leghila murr verde

MURR-BAG Verde | Leghilà

Leghilà Murr Bag

Leghilà Bag by Murr

Murr-Bag | leghilà

MURR-BAG | Leghilà