Don’t you wish that life is one big happy party! You got to let your hair down every now and then and release all you got inside. ~ Bahar Canca

Sonica + Bahar

Bahar Canca

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Sonica + people

Photo by Alicia Bastos

There’s no doubt that Italians know the best way to spend the summer.  Whether in the beach or mountains it’s about socializing, chilling and enjoying the warm night for as long as it lasts.

Taking that attitude to both sides of the Adriatic is the psy-trance Sonica Dance Festival which for several years has been successfully drawing partygoers from all over Europe and the U.S. to an Italian event. This year, however, Gino Sonica and his friends are bringing the 4 days and 5 nights of their dance festival to the beach in Montenegro.

Sonica + sight

Photo by Szymon Nitka

They’re calling the festival, with its flea market, visual arts showcase, vegetarian food vendors and Chealing Area (Chilling + Healing) “a cultural crossover of peace music and freedom.” The two stages of progressive, ambient and chill will be lit by the instalaltions of a South African artist and feature DJs from France, Mexico, Russia and the UK, to name just a few of the countries involved.

Sonica + Dj

photo Alicia Bastos

It’s hard to say there’s a typical artist for such a kaleidoscopic event, but with her multi-colored dreads and constant smile Turkish-born London-based Bahar Canca is definitely my perfect example of the represents the international energy being brought to the beach this summer.  Bahar’s Italian connection also goes deeper than her involvement in the festival – her two hit remixes are the product of some great Italian DJs – Luigi Rocca aka Marshall (check out our upcoming interview with him) and Stefano Noferini.

Sonica + guest

Bahar Canca, photo courtesy Sub Bubble

Adding to the international mix is the fact that it was my Austrialian friend who works with Bahar at Sub Bubble, an underground house label and studio facility in London, that let us know about Sonica Festival.  While they’ve only been around since last year, Sub Bubble’s youth is a major advantage (they have a skateboard park attached to their studio!).

Sub Bubble Studios

Although they’re super busy and growing quickly with fresh talent Sub Bubble is giving us some digital tracks, including the Italian remixes of Bahar Canca, as a free download.   We’re offering them to one lucky Ganzo reader!

Just follow us on twitter or like us on facebook and let us know where you like to spend your beach/mountain/desert summer vacation by Sunday July 24 at 3:00 PM PST.  We’ll choose 1 winner at random from the readers who participate.

Sonica Dance Festival
photo A.B.

Photo A.B.

Sonica people

Photo A.B.

Sonica + sunrise

Sunrise at Sonica