Happy New Year

From 1899 to 1999 the illustrations of the Domenica del Corriere (The Sunday Courier) provided a weekly snapshot of the changing face of Italy.  Released once a week on Sunday, it was the magazine of the popular national newspaper La Corriere della Sera ( The Evening Courier).



At the turn of the century the illustrations in La Domenica del Corriere were an important way for Italians, especially those who could not read, to discover how their fellow citizens lived.  In the 1950s-1960s the colorful and often dramatic illustrations of artists such as Achille Beltrame and Walter Molino immortalized the adventures of everyday life.

Below we bring you some of the illustrations that greeted Italians as they picked up the magazine at the beginning of the New Year.


Inner illustration of La Domenica del Corriere, January 1954

A revolution in the family: the pot roast burns, the children forget about their homework, the father forgets about his pipe and his appointment at the coffee shop.  After a two year experimental phase, regular Italian TV service starts in Milan, Turin and Rome with one program an hour.


Cover page of La Domenica del Corriere, December 30, 1956

A New Year’s Eve dream. As the year 1957 is born, mankind asks for peace.  Humanity, like the family members shown in this drawing by Walter Molino, dream that the world leaders on whom their hope depends – Eden, Eisenhower, Nasser and Kruscev – manage to reach an agreement that will guarantee a peaceful future for the world.


Cover page of La Domenica del Corriere, December 30, 1962


New Year’s Eve 1963.  At a furious pace we revisit the events of the year that is ending with a selection of illustrations that the painter Molino published in the Domenica del Corriere.  From page 17 to page 23 a vivid panorama of the past year, “A Report on ’62.”