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Ritratto by Pierluigi Mulas


Through his camera lens and the filter of his sensibility, Italian photographer Massimo Nolletti transforms musical notes into images of the world.  The result is a photography that mixes the power of musical vibrations with intense imagery.

Nolletti currently lives and works in York.

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Cecil and Ronald

Cecil and Ronald - Welcome to the Block by Massimo Nolletti


When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child I liked to write and play my bass guitar.  I always tried to express my creativity. I never had a clear idea of ​​what I wanted to do growing up, then came photography.


Have the places you have lived influenced your style as a photographer?

The places I have lived have not influenced me photographically. However, they have broadened my experience. I always try to live the places intensely.  When I photograph them I can capture their essence. I like to explore, get lost and discover new places.


A picture from the collection "Welcome to the Block"

Welcome to the Block by Massimo Nolletti


A picture from the collection "Welcome to the Block"

Welcome to the Block by Massimo Nolletti


Aside from your passport, what makes you an “Italian”photographer? Who are the other creatives that have influenced you?

Italians are known to be passionate people.  I give all my passion to photography. I admire the works of street artists such as Alexandre Farto, Aakash Nihalani and Blu,my favorite photographers are Boogie (I really liked his project “It’s all good”)  and Trent Parke (one of my favorite projects by him is “Minutes to Midnight”).



Philippa - Welcome to the Block by Massimo Nolletti


What are your favorite subjects? What puts you in a creative mindset?

My favorite subject is the street. Every aspect of street life makes me creative and the camera comes into play. Street photography chronicles everyday life.  It shows what we have around us, but often fail to see.



Steven - Welcome to the Block by Massimo Nolletti



Meleanne - Welcome to the block by Massimo Nolletti


How does music fit into your art ?  

Music is part of me, it gives me rhythm. In my style there is a connection between notes and images, often I attribute one shot to a song and a project to an album.  

Do you have a soundtrack in mind for your photos?

Prefuse 73 songs.  In particular three albums, “One Word Extinguisher” – “Preparations” and “Surrounded by Silence” I consider them the soundtrack of OZ, they accompanied me throughout my trip around Australia.

The OZ project was realized with an iPhone, do you think that in the future the world of photography will be more open to this new technology?

Yes, absolutely.  Photography evolves.  We need to experiment and be open to new technologies. I recently read that Google has created glasses with a camera.  The idea of this – being able to take a picture with just a voice command without being noticed – is outstanding. Currently many professional photographers use the smartphone, from fashion photos in a studio to war reporting,  such as that of Michael Christopher Brown, an American photographer who documented the war in Libya with an iPhone.


Josh and his little niece

Josh and his little niece - Welcome to the block by Massimo Nolletti



Terrica - Welcome to the block by Massimo Nolletti


Last but not least, do you have a memory about photography that you’d like to share with us?

Photography has lead me to live different situations, I have many memories like that of an aboriginal community in Sydney where I met the residents of The Block – a neighbourhood not far from the city centre. Born in the 70s when some abandoned houses were occupied, over the years the neighbourhood had a difficult history of drug dealing and alcohol abuse. People told me their personal stories and before I left them I took a portrait of each person. Thus was born the project “Welcome to The Block.”


A picture from the collection "Welcome to the Block"

Welcome to the Block by Massimo Nolletti


Bruce Wilson

Bruce Wilson - Welcome to the block by Massimo Nolletti


 Massimo’s playlist

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Cairo Diary by Massimo Nolletti

Massimo shoot a street documentary about a Revolution in Cairo in the 2011! Check it out!