China has a very strong noodle culture, but noodles and pasta share the same name in Chinese, mian.  So, to some extent, they are similar foods.





Different kind ofpasta

Types of pasta in Chinese


The presence of Italian restaurants in China challenges the way the Chinese think of mian.  A plate of pasta al dente was not very acceptable in the very beginning, since compared to the Chinese traditional way of cooking it is not considered to be fully cooked.  But new things never die in this emerging market. Pasta is making a stronger and stronger impact on the Chinese food market, not only with its presence in elegant Italian restaurants, but also on the shelves of supermarkets.  Now that it’s in stores, pasta cooked in your own kitchen is possible.


Mix of cultures

An inventive dish!




In China, the blue package of Barilla has become an Italian pasta icon. Combined with ready-made sauce, food lovers have started to try to make their own pasta at home and to share it with friends on special occasions.  With the help of Barilla, the process of making a plate of pasta alla bolognese is as simple as cooking a bowl of instant noodles. And the level of cottura can be controlled by the cook according to his preference.


Barilla package

Barilla in China


Bavette n°13

Barilla | Bavette n°13



Today, cook-it-at-home pasta dishes are changing the high-end image of Italian cuisine, making it more accessible for people who would love to try it.  Since family is a very important concept in Italy, one that is associated with sharing a big dish of pasta at the dinner table, I think it would be great for pasta to appear in Chinese families.


lovers of italian food

Italian food lovers