Le Nuvole / The Clouds

From the standpoint of an Italian who lives abroad, I admit that it always feels nice to come across fresh ideas that promote contemporary culture from my native country… Way too often while traveling around my eyes get caught by images and places which are obsolete, if not false – it’s the unappealing EYE-talian experience!


italian bookstore, spain

Inside the Italian bookstore in Barcelona


That is not the case of a new little gem in Barcelona, an all-Italian bookstore called Le Nuvole, which means The Clouds.  Its name comes from the title of iconic singer-songwriter Fabrizio de André`s 1990 album and it aims to be a place where thoughts, images and words meet and – just like the clouds do – give birth to new horizons.


italian bookstore, barcelona

A display in Le Nuvole that reads A dreamer is a man who has his feet firmly planted on the clouds


Open just a few months ago in Carrer De Sant Lluis 11, this simple yet dynamic store promotes a number of events, such as exhibits, workshops, language courses and encounters with artist professionals from the world of literature, cinema and art in general.


italian bookstore

The entrance to Barcelona's new bookstore


Le Nuvole

… Vanno
e magari si fermano tanti giorni
che non vedi più il sole e le stelle
e ti sembra di non conoscere più
il posto dove stai …

… they come
they go
they return
and maybe they stay so long
that you can no longer see the sun and the stars
and it seems that you no longer know
where you are …

~ Fabrizio De André


The cover of the 1990 album Le Nuvole


Le Nuvole Italian Bookstore | Contact them via their WEBSITE / FACEBOOK