Sometimes home accents serve as more than just an ornament.  They can offer an experience, allowing you to recall a place, a time, or even just a feeling.



Giulio Iacchetti’s PAESEMIO Day pattern used in a laminate by Abet Laminati


Imagine that you are back home from a fabulous holiday in a small Italian town. You’ll be probably feeling a bit nostalgic. You’ll probably be falling apart. Or, maybe, you’ll just be annoyed because you’re thinking of your business meeting on Monday morning. No matter how strong your regret is, you would probably love to feel the sea breeze on your skin once again while singing a song by Italian musician Gino Paoli and driving along the Amalfi Coast.



The PAESEMIO black & white pattern


Don’t worry, Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti is here to bring you back to those moments you miss.  Taking his inspiration from thy typically Italian panorama of red roofs, he has created PAESEMIO, a pattern of endless little white houses that seem to mirror the sinuous shape of a hillside and that have a bit of a retro seventies feel.


PAESEMIO wallpaper designed by Giulio Iacchetti for Jannetti & Volpi

PAESEMIO Night pattern


This perfect little Italian dream town was originally drawn freehand by Iachetti, then created in night, day, and black and white versions.  The PAESEMIO pattern, which celebrates the simplicity of everyday Italian life, has been produced as both wallpaper and laminate.



PAESEMIO wallpaper by Giulio Iacchetti for Jannelli & Volpi



The Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti