Pandora Money Box | Irene Sartor x Dust to Design


Don’t look in the box!  At least, that’s always been the message of the legendary story of Pandora’s box.  Italian designer Irene Sartor reinterprets the tale with her incredibly fun and creative Pandora money box.

First presented at Milan Design Week 2012, the Pandora money box is an interactive way to save up your coins.  The spherical ceramic container has a small opening with holes around its edge.  Take some thread or string, weave it around the opening, and you’ll be able to slip coins into the piggy bank, but find it hard to take them out. Not only does the Pandora function as a money keeper, but it is also a beautiful decorative object.  Unlike a traditional piggy bank, you don’t have to break open the Pandora when you’re ready to spend your savings, all you need to do is cut the strings.  In the meantime, just remember not to peek!

€ 45.00 | Want it? Grab it!



Pandora piggy bank