Tiny Musical Hats | Paola Maugeri and Borsalino


Paper crowns on Christmas.  Sparkle-covered top hats on New Years. There’s some kind of fun connection between holidays and playful hats.  This year the hat to grab for celebrations offers a modern twist on the colorful hat tradition – Paola Maugeri and Borsalino”s Tiny Musical Hats.

Inspired by classic rock n’ roll bands The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, as well as party icons Andy Warhol and Studio 54, Maugeri has brought her pop background as a radio host and VJ to Borsalino’s timeless styling.  Produced in the same workshop as Borsalino’s traditional models each piece in the capsule collection – a mini Texan, a little Top Hat, a small Bowler and a set of sequin-covered hair curlers – is available exclusively online through yoox.  So put on a tiny hat (or two) and party like it’s your favorite pop music decade!

$385.00 – 485.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


A tiny Bowler hat

The Tiny Musical Hat Collection

Paola Maugeri wearing the collection's hair rollers