Papercraft toys + ape

Sigarette Smuggler Ape | VinsArt

Beyond the Vespas, Piaggio makes another insect-named vehicle that inspires international fascination: the Ape.  Artist Vincenzo Cianciullo has brought his sense of humor and art skills to the 3-wheel mini-truck in a two series papercraft toy collection. Papercraft toys are paper figures you print off the internet and can construct at home. The steps are simple: download, print, cut and fold (although I’m realizing a good color printer is a requirement).

From child’s hearse to cigarette smuggler to food truck for “muss’ e’puorc,” the first Ape series imagined a darkly funny set of  possible uses for the truck.  In the second series Vincenzo brought 10 international artists onboard for the ride and they have created their own papercraft  Ape vehicles.  All ten artist creations and Vincenzo’s first series are available for free under a creative commons license.

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Papercraft toys + VinsArt

Paper Ape Collection 2011 | Scott Charron for VinsArt


Papercraft toys + washing machine

Sigarette Smuggler Ape | VinsArt


Papercraft toys + malboro

Sigarette Smuggler Ape | VinsArt