Take a quick look. At first glance you might wonder if what you’re seeing is real or just your imagination.  No matter what you think, the answer is not so simple!  Gustav Willeit, an Italian photographer, mixes reality with fantasy to create his surreal photo series PERSPE.
Perspe - Venezia
Perspe | Gustav Willeit


PERSPE  is a fantastic and magical world built on a mirrored illusion.  Willeit plays with perspective to create a puzzling parallel universe in which deciding where the truth ends and falsehood starts is left up to the human observer.

So take a look and decide for yourself what lies in these astonishing landscapes…


Seagle - Perspe
Seagle  |  Gustav Willeit



Sea - Perspe

Sea | Gustav Willeit

Oasis - Perspe

Oasis | Gustav Willeit

Little island - Perspe

Little island | Gustav Willeit

Island - Perspe

Island | Gustav Willeit

Boats - Perspe

Boats | Gustav Willeit

Beach - Perspe

Beach | Gustav Willeit

Sand - Perspe

Sand | Gustav Willeit