Pigs on the Wings Side Table and Stool | Gentle Giants


Affordable, attractive and inspired by two very different, but great artists, the Pig on the Wings side-table and stool by Italian designer Michael Breschi is an example of crisis creativity.

Undeterred by our current economic slump, Breschi’s Gentle Giants design studio worked to reduce the manufacturing requirements of this self-produced object. The simple shape and material of the Pigs on the Wings table means that it arrives flat and no glue or screws are required in order to assemble it. While the table’s anthropomorphic form reveals one of Breschi’s artistic inspirations: Meret Oppenheimer’s duck-footed Traccia table,  the pig in the design’s name comes from the lyrics of a Pink Floyd song.  It just goes to show that even when the economy is down, a designer can still find inspiration all around.

$ 300.00 | Want it?  Grab it!



Michael Breschi's Pig on the Wings table or stool

The Pig on the Wings table packs flat

The Pig on the Wings table comes in 4 different colors