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Francesco Vezzola

He might rank as a top blogger  ( blogger of the day, best moustache in the blogosphere) but Francesco Vezzola makes it clear that he’s not one of  ”those” bloggers.  While Francesco is from the (very small) San Felice di Benaco, he lives between Italy and Austria and his blog PIMPUMPAM combines photography with QAs to feature fresh street style from around the world.  Despite the many titles that could be applied to him, professional photographer, visual artist, stylist,  Francesco still isn’t sure what his career is.

He would be a tastemaker if that title hadn’t already become so overused and cheesy.  Is it possible to have a career as the guy who makes you say “Wow! What a great image/outfit/video/song”?  In the end it doesn’t really matter what you call Francesco because  people continue to follow his ridiculously good taste for…clothes, photography, music (we should be listening to Low Frequency Club) and facial hair (who doesn’t love a mustache?)…in other words, everything.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was young I dreamed about doing a lot of things, but to be honest, nothing in particular… only to enjoy my life in the best way. Even now I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up!

Do you always have a camera with you or do you go out hunting for style to feature on PIMPUMPAM?

Yes, most of the time I have my camera with me. PIMPUMPAM is part of my life, it’s what I see and I like… I’m not searching for the latest fashionable thing or something like that… I want to celebrate what I like in people.


twin pimpumpam

Twin | Francesco Vezzola - PIMPUMPAM


Do you ever find it awkward to approach and photograph people you don’t know?

Yes, for me this is actually the most difficult but exciting part. Most of the time people are a bit scared of my mustache, but after few minutes they are really happy to pose for me!

You have a beautiful moustache; in fact your moustache is featured on the list Moustaches in the Blogosphere.

Ha ha! Yes, that is so funny, I was very proud when I saw that list! I guess it’s been like two years that I’ve had it … but I don’t really have a grooming routine. I’d like to know much more about how to keep making it look better.

You have great taste now, but what was a typical outfit in middle school and would you wear it today (in a larger size obviously)?

Oh that’s a great question!
So… when I was 11 years old I was totally into the genuine skate “scene” (it wasn’t really a proper scene). I would say: the first Nikes that I forced my mother to buy for me, some sponge socks bought from an African vendor selling door to door, denim shorts I made into cut-offs with those horrible fringes, a colorful t-shirt with some crappy print about some US stuff, a tiny golden necklace from my baptism (haha) and a NY baseball cap full of pins. Now things have changed for sure… but I still love to have a lot of colors in my outfit.

What do you think are the best and the worst things about Italian fashion culture?

The best thing is the real fashion, the one with the capital F and some, but sadly very few, independent young designers. The worst parts are all these kind of stupid expensive brands inspired by nothing.



Yoky of Low Frequency Club | courtesy Francesco Vezzola

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to being an Italian blogger?

To be honest I don’t really like to be featured in the blogger scene… I mean, I use blogs to show my photos and so on, but I’m not one of “those bloggers”. But ok… I can tell you that so far I have had only advantages and good experiences.

You take 80’s “style bible” The Face as a source of inspiration. The magazine was associated with so many great photographers – Juergen Teller, David LaChapelle, Mario Testino, Nick Knight – do you have a favorite?

With Jurgen Teller I love the spontaneity of his shots, but I’m not really into this kind of technical style, LaChapelle is for sure one of the best “fiction photographers” he is great! Mario Testino is definitely one of the best Italians. He is the classical fashion photographer… and how could I not like him? (and… I was the assistant of his assistant! :-) ). But if I have to choose my favorite photographer… I would say we have to look back to the “year zero” of the past 12 months: Ryan McGinley.


Tetto | courtesy Francesco Vezzola


You spend your time between your hometown of San Felice del Benaco, Milan and Vienna. What appeals to you about Vienna and how would you describe its style?

What I love in this city is the artistic atmosphere (real contemporary art) and the natural coolness of the young people that live in it.

You travel a lot is there anything that makes you feel like you’re at home even when you’re in a foreign country?

Yes I like to travel… but honestly I’d love to do it much more. It’s not a simple question, probably nothing makes me feel like at home, but this is not a problem, if anything, I love to seek out the differences! In the end the whole world is moving in the same direction, even if maybe everyone even though everyone may be wearing a different guise, a different “outfit.”

Stefy | Francesco Vezzola

Kristian street style on PIMPUMPAM

Kistian | Francesco Vezzola - PIMPUMPAM