Pinko Bag for Ethiopia

Pinko Bag for Ethiopia | Marina Spadafora x Pinko


Sometimes when new currents appear in the fashion world it’s hard to tell if they will become a passing trend or a tide that will bring a major change  to the industry.  We’re hoping that ethical and sustainable projects such as Pinko’s new Pinko Bag for Ethiopia represents the latter.

The Pinko Bag for Ethiopia concept sees the Italian womenswear label join forces with the non-profit Fashion 4 Development to cultivate economic awareness and growth in Africa while promoting sustainable fashion practices. The six new versions of Pinko’s famous signature bag were created by eco-fashion designer Marina Spadafora who traveled through Ethiopia for the project. While in Africa, Spadafora drew inspiration for the bags’ bright and colorful contrasting patterns from the natural body-painting techniques of Ethiopia’s Omo tribe. Each 100% cotton bag features double leather handles with a printed Pinko logo and three internal pockets.  The Pinko for Ethiopia line also includes a series of cotton sweatshirts with contrasting sleeves that use the same graphic patterns as the bags.

€ 58.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Pinko Kwego

Kwego | Pinko Bag for Ethiopia


Pinko logo

The Pinko Bag Logo


Pinko Surma

Surma | Pinko Bag for Ethiopia


Pinko Konso

Konso | Pinko Bag for Ethiopia