November 2011 – Pinky Panthers


Pinky Panthers co-founder Bianca Di Cesare at Joan's on Third

Me at Joan's on Third ready to talk Pinky Panthers with Karolina!


There’s nothing like a quick lunch at Joan’s on Third. The Maple Rosemary Chicken Breast and the Asparagus & Leek Quiche are my favorite dishes. A selection of cheeses and the finest charcuterie is available to you there, just like home. But I opted for chili bean soup and a warm peppermint tea.


Bianca and Karolina at Joan's on Third

Karolina and I at Joan's on Third with our Pinky Panthers on


I had an appointment with Karolina, my partner in my Pinky Panther Collection.

We had to talk about the new line of rings we want to produce. After the success with Pinky Panthers Deluxe, the first line of Tiger Rings in different metals and precious stones, we now are looking for color, for fun and lightness.

Oddly enough, we came up with Black and White rings.


Black and white Pinky Panthers rings

Pinky Panthers Black and White Collection



Pinky Panthers ring worn by Karolina

Karolina wears a Pinky Panthers ring


Our goal here is to make a collection that follows the same concept, but slightly changes its mood. It creates a story, protecting all animals and support groups like Panthera  and animal rights associations in the world. As we speak we have already given  20% of our revenue as charity to animal rights societies.


If your pinkies are begging you, now you can purchase Pinky Panthers Deluxe online at Etsy!


pinky panthers rings on Bianca and Karolina

Pinky Panthers on Karolina and I

Karolina and Bianca wearing Pinky Panthers rings

More Pinky Panthers


Hope you have good luck finding your Pinky Panther! let your pinky roar!


Karolina and Bianca of Pinky Panthers rings

Karolina and I with our Pinky Panthers hands

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