Helping big cats through fashion

Karolina and I went on quite an adventure recently for our Pinky Panthers company! We are looking for ways to better our charity program that protects and supports wild exotic animals, here, in the state of California!



Karolina and I at the beginning of our adventure


When we arrived at our first spot, it was after driving through our wonderful desert and feeling like we were on some safari far from home.



The desert


Even as we approached various animals and whispered in their ears, feeling far far away from reality, our main focus was still our beloved felines.



Karolina gets close to a friend


Finally Karolina and I spotted Tiga, wonderful Tiger. She is just so precious.



Karolina and Tiga




When she came close, she look straight in my eyes. I’m so glad we can put faces to the animals we are actually starting to help!

The idea is to put these animals on our website and linesheets and link them to specific rings like in this image:



Our rings and the animals they will benefit


Two more of our models and the felines they benefit


And so we kept going, photographing amazing cats like these, and getting to know them better. Now our project is taking on the shape we wanted!



A big black cat


Another beauty


We will keep you posted on our charity projects in the upcoming blog pieces!