PF1999 Classic Leather Sneakers | Planet Funk x Reebok



Born in 80s, a decade when fashion trends were inseparable from music (just think of leggings, gold chains and sequins), the original Reebok leather sneakers made fashion history. Now, Italian electro-dance band Planet Funk is  celebrating its 2012/2013 tour by collaborating with Reebok to re-design the iconic Classic Leather Sneakers.

Incorporating vintage materials, the sneakers are dressed up with Planet Funk’s signature black and orange colors and a vinyl logo. From the yellow gum soles to the off-white suede trim, the Classic Leather PF1999 has a retro simplicity that speaks to the character of an band that’s managed to remain relevant and continue touring for 15 years. The music theme even extends to some road case packaging. While Planet Funk’s music will keep playing, these sneakers won’t, so run to this limited edition!

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PF1999 | Planet Funk x Reebok



PF1999 Classic Leather Sneakers | Planet Funk x Reebok



The roadie carrying case