Isafrosty chanel logo

Isafrosy melted chanel logo


Iconic, playful and provocative, Isafrosty necklaces, earrings and accessories are irreverent plexiglass jewels born from the creative mind of the Italian designer Isabella De Felice.  It all started with the first inspired trinket, a melted Chanel Logo which became the symbol of the Isafrosty plexiglass jewelry brand.

Isabella loves the versatility of plexiglass as well as the ease with which it gives life to her ideas.  Among her creations you can find superfake diamonds, bird cages and even plexiglass mustaches! Who is the ideal customer for Isafrosty accessories, necklaces and rings?  Anyone who doesn’t take life too seriously!

$ 20.00 – 60.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Isafrosty glasses trinkled

Plexiglas glasses trinket

White melted Chanel logo

White melted Chanel logo

Isafrosty gameboy trinket

Isafrosty gameboy trinket


Isafrosty plexiglas guns

Fluo plexiglas guns