POP bottles by Anna Utopia Giordano


Anna “Utopia” Giordano, works with  everything connected to images and communications. She is really a polyhedral artist: poet, actress, performer, model and all-around creative person.


POPbottles by Anna Utopia Giordano

POP bottles

“Pop bottles” takes the packaging of famous alcohol brands and transforms them into baby bottles while substituting the original brand name with that of iconic children’s products. The intent is clearly not-commercial and the project has two strong messages according to the artist:

This is an art project to raise social awareness on topics such as alcohol abuse by teens, alcohol abuse by pregnant women, the disinterest of some parents towards their children (abandoned for days between toys and video games), how far marketers can go to gain the attention of their younger customers. There are no commercial purposes. Always remember, please, the minimum age for drinking alcohol in your country (if you do not know, see this table) and drink responsibly.


Anna Utopia Giordano