When the respected Italian furniture brand Promemoria opens its U.S. flagship store in New York’s Fine Arts Building this month, it will offer new twists on classic craftsmanship designed to “improve our future.”

Founded in 1988 by Romeo Sozzi, the luxury furniture house is expanding both its showrooms and the age of its clients.  Thanks to the brand’s new children’s line, design-obsessed parents are lining up before the doors open.  Inspired by dollhouse furniture, the series replaces the brand’s usual range of upholstery, including leather, silk, and wool with a drooling-toddler friendly washable viscose.

Despite this nod to possible apple juice spills and finger painting accidents, Promemoria clearly believes that improving our future requires children to learn fine (expensive) taste.  A child-size version of the brand’s Louis XVI-inspired Bilou Bilou chair is a visionary re-interpretation of 18th century aristocratic elegance, but it’s made for an audience whose image of royalty probably involves magic castles and fire-breathing dragons.

The collection is elegant and inspired, but whether young Manhattanites will be able to sit still long enough to fully appreciate the quality materials and sophisticated design of pieces such as the Gacy armchair ($ 3,070) and pouf ($2,050) is an open question.