You love the fashion. You follow the new collections. You might know all the Italian designers and stylists, but do you know how to pronounce their names?


Photo from Milan Fashion Week by Luciano Consoli

So, you’re at a party and everything is going great. You’ve got your Italian cocktail in hand, you’re meeting fabulous fashionable people and you’re holding your own in the conversation. Of course you want to share the news you recently heard of a collaboration between your favorite Italian designer and that cutting-edge American brand you love, but just as you have everyone listening to you, you realize that you don’t know how to pronounce the name of the designer!

Thankfully, we found some videos over at VFile that will help you brush up on those stylish Italian names you want to know.  Check out some of the most helpful ones:


Elsa Schiaparelli

Alessandro dell’Acqua

Bottega Veneta

Salvatore Ferragamo