Geometrica Proust Armachair

Proust Armachair, the "Geometrica" version | Alessandro Mendini for Cappellini

How can an object be still modern and actual even after more than 30 years? The Proust’s Armchair is something that, we bet, is going to last for years, thanks to the very special – and Italian – mind of Alessandro Mendini, a terrific Italian designer that has been working in the design field for years and years. Mendini first projected the Proust Armchair in 1978: it became immediately a great piece of modern design. And it still is: the now a days re – edition is available in several combinations of color and materials (ceramic: could you imagine it?), it is hand – crafted and hand – painted, and preserves the forms of the original one, while being modern and actual.

No matter of how you consider this Armchair. It can be viewed just as a furniture, or maybe you will see in it what Proust said to be the continual flux, that is the constant and continuous mix between the past (the armchair itself) and the present (represented by the original graphics and the materials). In our opinion, it is a – luxury, we know – must have!

$ 13,517 | want it? Grab It!


Prust Armchair First version Alessandro Mendini for Cappellini

Proust Armchair in its original version | Alessandro Mendini for Cappellini


Proust Armchair into a library room

Mixing the past and the present: Proust Armchair fits everywhere!