Bruzzicat Carmen Quilted Clutch | Caterina Gatta x Benedetta Bruzziches


When I see a quilted shoulder bag, I usually think of classic and sophisticated Chanel-style elegance. Benedetta Bruzziches’ bags might be quilted, but they have an entirely different attitude from the traditional clutch. Created in collaboration with the fashion designer Caterina Gatta, the Bruzzicat limited edition collection adds a colorful vintage touch to this standout bag.

Starting from the classic shape of a quilted bag, Benedetta Bruzziches crafts a pumped-up and playful version called the Carmen. The limited edition Bruzzicat Carmen is a luxurious silk-covered deerskin edition born from the friendship between Benedetta and Caterina, two young and talented Italian designers. Since Benedetta is inspired by travel and storytelling, it seems natural that she has chosen to use a material with a history, in this case vintage silk tie fabric selected by Caterina.  The fun oversize clutches and bright tie patterns inspire a sense of nostalgia for the days spent playing dress-up in my parent’s closet.

$ 721.00 – 744.00 | Want it? Grab it!

Limited edition Bruzzicat Clutch

Limited edition Bruzzicat clutch