Re sink is a line of eco resin lavatories designed by architect Bruno Bondanelli. Re sink is proudly made in Italy by Dia Srl. using a non-industrial process and non-toxic paints. Each mold is hand filled and discharged, ensuring that every sink, although quite sleek, has slight differences and variations in transparency. This gives each re-sink its own identity. The sinks are absolutely leak proof, light, and stylish.

Re-sink is lit from within its cavity, hiding all electrical connections from sight. It utilizes UL Listed LED or RGB LED strips, which are provided and easy to install. The lights can be plugged-in using a conventional outlet or can be hardwired and connected to a home system. The Ice finish can change colors using RGB LED lighting to cover the full spectrum. Colors can be set to remain on any combination of red, green, and blue; can be dimmed, or change on rotation or on demand. There are five designs available in five colors.

re sink

The first line, Amore

Custom sizes are possible, free your imagination.


Re sink Bondanelli

Bruno Bondanelli

A native of Verona, Italy, Bondanelli received both his B.A. and M.A. in Architecture from the University of Southern California. Bondanelli is an Adjunct Instructor in the UCLA Extension Professional Level Program in Interior Design.

Bruno Bondanelli, AIA/ LEED AP