I recently went on a trip for Religion clothing with my partner and one of my greatest friends, Anna Bove.  So, let me tell you a little bit about it…


Religion Clothing

religion clothing

Anna Bove


Anna represents a british brand called House of the Gods, a t-shirt line with exclusive images of famous musicians, from a Buddhist Punk designer. Anna travels with me all the time to see clients or do tradeshows.


House of the Gods


Apart from the usual tradeshows we had plenty of things to do. This time we had several appointments with clients from Nevada and we had to work on the visual merchandising for a hip new boutique in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.  It’s called D.N.A. and it’s part of a chain of US stores located in major cities. With Patrizia Benetton’s expertise the visual merchandising was fun.  We took all the good advice we could get, teamwork made the experience easy and we even had time to enjoy the city.


D.N.A. Boutique


Our booth in Vegas was awesome! Heres Davon our Religion East Coast Agent and Visuals Manager. We’re representing both coasts YO!


Davon and I


And now … off to NYC!  I was shocked at the beauty of the White Show, a famous fashion trade show in Milan that had partnered this year with the U.S. trade event organizers Enk International. It was held in the Tunnel, a historic space that was once the home of a famous NY night club.


NYC showroom


There were several gorgeous fashion lines on display.  My 3 favorites were: Ugo Cacciatori’s jewelry, Dorothy Jagellos’ amazing neon bags made with fabric you use for wetsuits and the Ter et Bantines collection.


Dorothy Jagellos neon bags

Here we are at the Coterie New York show held at the Javits Center just a few block north of the White Show!


religion clothing

Coterie by Enk International at the Javits Center


We had lots of great people visit our booth including model Lauren way,  Elie Akiba owner of multiple stores including the new Religion Store and Daniel the manager of Scotch & Soda, an Amsterdam-based clothing line that’s really popular in the U.S.


Model Lauren Way in Black Halo visits our booth


Elie, Anna, Daniel and I


And of course we visited our  favorite booth we love to visit: Linda Farrow Sunglasses, with Simon and “lobster.”




Coming up soon: L/A. Market  and many road trips to report!