Paint with chinese brushes

The Master and the Line

The Master and the Line: Riccardo Guasco

Traditional Chinese culture and all its charm captured Riccardo Guasco, an eclectic and very interesting illustrator. His encounter with this culture came by pure luck after some Chinese brushes grabbed his attention.  After some research about the Chinese calligraphy he was very fascinated about the huge and wonderful world that exist behind them.


chinese character

Drawing by Riccardo Guasco


What came up at the end was this collection of illustrations made with those Chinese brushes. In the illustrations the Chinese characters are all one with the brush and the writer itself. This comes from the idea that an artist acts as a medium linking nature and his or her surroundings with the characters drawn on a piece of paper.


chinese character2

These draws are made with Chinese brushes


Chinese characters were born from the idea that they are symbols representing elements of the natural world. Over centuries of evolution they became increasingly abstract, but the original idea can still be recognized in some of them.