Round & Round Calendar in Zircus | Seletti


What is it? A piece of art? A game? Well, it could be probably be both those things, but its intended use is another: to keep track of the date.  The Round & Round Calendar by Italian design brand Seletti is one of the most fun calendars we have ever seen.

“Three circles indicate that time flies. Hang it on the wall. Plan your life,” with these words Seletti designer David Weatherhead introduced his calendar in 2010.  One disc keeps track of the day of the week, one lets you know the date and the third will tell you the month. That’s innovative, right? And, let me say, for sure it’s going to draw all the attention of your guests! Choose from graphic multi-colored patterns, bright primary colors, minimal black or stark white.

$ 176.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Round & Round Calendar | Seletti


Round & Round Calendar | Seletti