salar iris clutch bag pro

Iris Clutch in black and gold | Salar Milano


Fresh, feminine, but with a bit of edge, Salar Clutch Bags are the kind of go-to accessory designed for you to take with you pretty much anywhere while still showing off your personality. Created by Salar Bicheranloo and Francesca Monaco, the line has an international perspective that mixes Salar’s Mexican origins with Made in Italy quality.

The Iris clutch is a great example of the Salar design philosophy. It’s the perfect basic clutch that’s elevated thanks to some carefully crafted rock n’ roll style details.  Hand-embroidered corners that create a unique gold or gunmetal effect transform the bag into an elegant design object. While the Iris has an accessible price, it is also an example of modern understated luxury thanks to its supple calfskin construction and Made in Italy pedigree.

€ 475.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


salar iris malto clutch bag

Iris Clutch in malto and gold | Salar Milano


salar embroidery bag detail

Detail of gold embroidery