Sales campaigns have started, so all the Showrooms are hustling and bustling, all the reps begging, bartering and borrowing and Sales hysteria is in its full force! I took a stroll at the Cooper Building to say hello to some old friends, and to show you my favorite Showroom Spaces.


LA Showrooms | Cooper Building

Cooper Building


The Cooper Building is situated in downtown L.A., an area that is evolving by the day. Amazing loft spaces, offices and restaurants are filling the area and turning it into a hip neighborhood. For entrepreneurs there are now many perks of living downtown – cool cafés and restaurants, a good club scene and a generally lower cost of living.

This is Hatch, one of the biggest showrooms in the U.S. (it carries Disney Couture, James Pierce, Victoria Beckham, Improvd) situated right in front of the Cooper Building.


LA Showrooms | Hatch

Hatch Showroom


Walking into the Cooper Building I always have this feeling of melancholy as I think of the day I first entered it.  I had no idea of the world I was getting into and I was nervous for the interview that fortunately went quite well and determined the rest of my career.

I stopped at the Room Showroom where Marylin Rodriguez showed me her new collection Superfine and I thought it was great. She also has M.O.L. Knits, a very cute line I own some pieces of.


LA Showrooms

The Room Showroom

LA Showrooms


Then I went up a floor to see my favorite girls Manuela Broccolini and Laura Postolis from the dFlavio Castellani Showroom. These two have witnessed all the ups and downs in my career, and were a huge support throughout the years!


LA Showrooms | Flavio Castellani

Flavio Castellani


Gave a peek in Showroom Seven, two weeks from now I’ll be working in their New York location with NICOLE FOSSATARO.


LA Showrooms | Showroom Seven

Showroom Seven


I went up four floors to the floor I worked on with Scatola Sartoriale, and said hello to my friends at Lefties Showroom and Brian Stark at Brand Equity  Showroom.


LA Showrooms - Lefties

Brian Stark - brand equity showroom

Brian Stark at Brand Equity Showroom


Visually I love Em Productions and Findings Showroom. I would use them as an inspiration for my future Showroom.


Em Productions Showroom



I left Downtown and headed to Vivienne Westwood to see the Mens/Womens Fall winter Lines for 2012. Such a great collection, and Camilla Gabrieli greeted me with funky Vivienne Westwood Glasses we played with.


Bianca and Camilla

Time to get to work. The Hustle begins. Next stop Vegas and New York Tradeshows, will report all the news on my upcoming blog pieces!